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Lilienbrunngasse 3

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Only Pick-up & Delivery:
Mo-Fr 1pm-5pm
Sa 9:30am-12pm

Wedding Cakes

Enchanting cakes for your heavenly wedding party

You have already found the love of your life and you said yes. But: Are you still looking for your dream cake?

You wish: a wonderful cake that tastes sensational?
Because you know: an unique wedding party needs a great cake!

Then you've come to the right place.

We bake you a wedding cake

• that looks stunning

• and tastes sensational

• is handcrafted in high quality

• and from the finest ingredients

On the wedding day you will see happy guests and bright children's eyes enjoying a fantastic party. Let one of our cakes accompany your wedding celebration and make your wedding an unforgettable day with your loved ones.

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About us

Hello, I am Alexandra.

I am a master confectioner and founder of AlexArts - Fine Cakes Vienna. In our patisserie in Vienna Leopoldstadt I bake fantastic cakes that taste delicious.

Because I know that it is not easy to find a suitable wedding cake, I help bridal couples to choose a unique cake design and the ideal taste for their cake. So that there are more amazing cakes at wonderful wedding parties.

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That's what our customers say:

Get in touch with us for details on additional services and custom work pricing

Didn’t find an answers to your questions?

Get in touch with us for details on additional services and custom work pricing

Steps to your wedding cake


Send us an email to or a message in the contact form. As a first piece of information, please give us the exact date of your wedding party and the number of slices required, so that we can immediately check whether we still have capacity on your requested date to bake you a wedding cake.


We strive to answer your request as soon as possible and will send you our questionnaire. Please take a moment and fill in the form. Your answers give us an idea of ​​how your dream cake shall look and taste. You are also welcome to send us an example image of a wedding cake so that we can provide further guidance.


Order a tasting box so that you can decide more easily. To try our tartlets you can choose between two options: Tasting box for € 30 or tasting box & tasting for € 80. We will make your tasting box fresh for you on the day of pick-up. Therefore, please order your tasting box 7 days in advance before your want pick it up. The tasting boxes and tastings are only available on Saturdays. After you have tried your tasting box or have been to us for a tasting, we ask you for a short feedback whether you liked it and whether you can imagine having a wedding cake from us.

3.1 Tasting box for €30

In the tasting box you will find a selection of 5 different popular and seasonal desserts from our range. You can try your hand at different flavors and textures of our sweets and test whether you like our style of dessert baking. The tasting box is intended to be tasted together at your home.

3.2 Tasting Box & Tasting with our master confectioner for €80

In our bakery in Vienna Leopoldstadt you can try the tartlets and desserts in the tasting box together with our master confectioner Alexandra E. Gaggl. The tasting takes about 30 minutes. You are welcome to bring someone with you to the tasting.


With the answers from the questionnaire, we will submit you an individual offer for you


If the offer suits you, please accept it by sending us an positive email. With our confirmation then your wedding cake and your wedding date are now firmly booked.


Multi-tier wedding cakes must be delivered by us. We deliver each of our cakes ourselves so that you can be absolutely sure that your cake will arrive safely at the wedding location and on the desired date. Our delivery area covers Vienna and parts of Lower Austria (surroundings of Vienna). For this, the delivery costs are between €5 and €12. Delivery to addresses outside of our delivery area is possible on request. Send us your request by email. We calculate the delivery costs based on the number of kilometers driven (€0.80 per km). If your wedding cake is a mutli-tier cake, the master confectioner will assemble the individual tiers into the finished cake at the wedding location. This necessary cake set up will be additionally charged to the cake price and delivery. If your wedding cake is a one-tier cake, you can pick it up at our bakery. We will make an separate appointment fot the pick up date and time within the days before the wedding party.


Finally you will receive an invoice. Please pay the invoice amount within 10 days after receiving it.

Just imagine,

Deine Hochzeitstore ist wunderschön

Your wedding cake is beautiful

It delights your palate <! - lh-live-editor ->

It delights your palate

Du feierst ein freudiges Fest

You're having a fantastic party

Du verbringst einen bezaubernden Tag mit Deinen Liebsten

You spend an unforgettable day with your loved ones!

Du siehst strahlende Kinderaugen

You see enthusiastic guests

You see enthusiastic guests<!--lh-live-editor-->

and see bright children's eyes

Didn’t find an answers to your questions?

Get in touch with us for details on additional services and custom work pricing

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

When should I order my wedding cake?

As soon as the date and place of your wedding celebration have been cleared, it is time to order the wedding cake. We recommend inquiring at least 6 months before your wedding party. It is best to order 1 year in advance, as popular wedding dates are usually booked out early. We bake all wedding cakes with great precision and attention to detail and therefore offer a limited number of wedding cakes per day. Nevertheless, we always try to meet short-term inquiries.

What size will my wedding cake be?

The size of your cake depends on how many guests are invited to your wedding party. The number of slices of cake results from the number of guests. 

There is 1 slice of cake per person, for children too. Please consider it might has an influence on the cake size if the cake is eaten in the afternoon immediately after the wedding or in the evening as a dessert after a multi-course menu. 

What size are the cake tiers? How many slices can I cut out?

For one-tier cakes you can choose between 5 sizes, from XS to XL (Ø = diameter, H = height)

- XS for 6-8 slices: Ø 12cm, H 14cm

- S for 10-12 slices: Ø 14cm, H 14cm

- M for 16-20 slices: Ø 16cm, H 14cm

- L for 22-26 slices: Ø 18cm, H 14cm

- XL for 28-32 slices: Ø 20cm, H 14cm

Our cakes differ from common confectionery cakes in terms of diameter and height. They have a smaller diameter, but at 14 cm they are almost 3 times as high as conventional pastry cakes.

This creates a modern look of the cake.

How are multi-tier cakes combined, how many slices are possible?

Cakes can be two-tier oder even three-tier. You can choose between 6 variations, from size S to L (Ø=diameter, H=height)

Two-tier cakes:

- S for 22-28 slices: Ø 12cm + Ø 16cm, H 14cm per tier

- M for 32-38 slices: Ø 14cm + Ø 18cm, H 14cm per tier

- L for 42-50 slices: Ø 16cm + Ø 20cm, H 14cm per tier

Three-tier cakes:

- S for 50-60 slices: Ø 12cm + Ø 16cm + Ø 20cm, H 14cm per tier

- M for 66-76 slices: Ø 14cm + Ø 18cm + Ø 22cm, H 14cm per tier

- L for 78-92 slices: Ø 16cm + Ø 20cm + Ø 24cm, H 14cm per tier

The combination of diameter and height of the individual levels results in the desired number of slices. For a number of guests (number of slices) greater than 100, we recommend a three-tier cake plus two one-tier cakes.

Which tastes are possible? How many different varieties can I choose?

Several flavors are possible for multi-tier cakes. We recommend one flavor per tier.

What does my wedding cake look like inside?

Our wedding cakes are layered cakes. Inside there are 5 layers of cake and 4 layers of cream.

How much is my wedding cake?

The price of the wedding cake depends on the number of slices and the design you want.
The prices that we indicate here are basic prices for semi-naked cakes with a simple design and serve as a guide. You will receive information about the exact price of your cake in a separate offer after you have sent us an inquiry.
- 1-tier cake, size XS for 6-8 slices from €60
- 2-tier cake, size S for 22-28 slices from €200
- 3-tier cake, size S for 50-60 slices from €440

Rephrase your main value proposition

Make your wedding day an unforgettable day!